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custom feather fly banner flags advertising for bank Maldive

custom feather fly banner flags advertising for bank Maldive

do you have a bank?

that's really a weired question, are you working with advertising or marketing of increasing the poularity of you bank?

what would you do or take what kind of methods to archieve the result of increasing the visibility of your bank?

in traditional metods, possible you would employ intermedia for example television advertisment in Golden Time, as internet era is coming, more and more bank advertising would be shown on internet for example Google Ads. what about the advertising method for outdoor advertising or advertising during the sports event as a sponsor. comparing to the traditional advertising ways, which is really cost-effective for any other bank owners - low cost in material and designs, with huge & great effect advertising during the whole running race - with vivid and vibrant printing of LOGOs, by grabbing the attention in the public. in general most organizors of running events they would prefer 3m assembled height fly banner flags which would be set up near the finish line or start line - where there would be crowded by people, as well as medias for example national channel or sports channel. this ideal site for advertising your bank information, almost all people around would be attracted by the information on the 2 sides of glags, indirectly your bank information would be taken in the camara of national media who is in live. one method applied, two ways of advertising. 

which size is suitable and optimal for feather flags displaying outdoor?

well, 3m assembled height is ideal for advertising outdoor, which is huge enough for printing information on 2 sides, never worry about that people's eyes could not reach your signage. besides, it could flexiblely avoid the problem of windy day up to 6 degrees - once the flag with bigger faces, the wind would blow it up and away. all information on the flags could be displayed vividly and printing of sublimation to all colors - custimizable for all of our clients - in whatever colours and whatever graphics - vibrant printing for the graphic with flags rotating during breeze - a practic way and dynamic effect for display.

in sunshine area such as Maldive or ecuatorial area, where with high UV radiaction, do these feather flags could stand under the sun without fading of printing?

thank you for the concern of our clients on this aspect, but please do not worry about that as all of our feather flags are protected by on layer of protection film. no matter in sunny day or snow day, our printing could stand the UV shinning well due to the efficiency of protection with the layer of filme.

how to set up this feather flags befor your events coming up?

easy set up.

all the process of set up could be last less than 2 minuts, that's really saving you time during the preparation of advertising during the sports events.

ground stake is suggested for countryside condition, meanwhile cross standis suitable for set up sturdy your feather flags in the plaza near your bank.

characters & features of our feather flags for outdoor advertising

1) cost-effective 

2) design to grab attention

3) long-lasting, durable material

4) compact, movable, easy to aseemble 

5) customizable for any types of information printed

Feather Fly Banner Flags For Bank Maldive