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Custom Feather Flags Advertising For Motor Dealer In Japan

Custom Feather Flags Advertising For Motor Dealer In Japan

outdoor marketing and outdoor advertising are the best methods to promote your business and your brand outside. as a motor distribuitor people usually adopt custom portable signage to print their brand or promotion information, for example custom feather flags with single-sided or double-sided are all available for promoting their motor brands with huge visibility to grad the attention from the public. 

generally the motor distribuition shops would located in the same zone in the city, like most famous film company are locating in Hollywood, California. 

how to make sure your advertising signage with your company information, would stand out of the crowd and attract to more clients among these motor dealer shops? 

the only way is marketing for your company with advertising signage, for example banner walls / vinyl banners / feather flags / teardrop flags / pop up canopy etc, all these portable signage are extremly suitable for grabbing attention from outside, as well as they're the best metods to do outdoor marketing and brand promotion.

may people would ask, how could it be such attractive once the competitors also doing the same thing? that's a real question. proudly we could explain it with our 13 years of experience with marketing portable signage.

1) profesional designer team 

our 13 years of designer team could offer graphic with your LOGOs or other information vividely displayed in the surface or our signage.

every details every inch on your products would be taken care by our members in the factory.

2) advanced technology of printing

UV printing / Dye sublimation printing, dye sublimation is mostly adopted by our factory, unprecedented printing effects to fulfill the picky demand of every client.

3) high quality material  

our material for graphic with thickness up to 130D / 280D / 600D polyester / cloth which offer sturdy and dynamic graphic display

flagpoles are made from 100% premium quality fiberglass offering high resistance during windy day - bearing the wind up to 6 grades

4) support of innovation we could recommand our clients with more portable signage designs with innovation

for example our feather flags designed for clients from Japan, you could see it is really charming and attractive both in design and production.


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