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optimized beach swooper flags fly banners for Sweden

optimized beach swooper flags fly banners for Sweden

considering the weather condition, cold and windy winter day as well as dimmy and long summer night.

what kind of advertising material is ideal for outdoor advertising in Sweden? 

for example portable signage for sports events or running race, welcome signage for bars stores and restaurants.

as we could see Sweden is a country with less population which means less people would pass the street even in day time.

in which case there would be unneccessary and wast of money on investing in a huge-budget project of outdoor advertising, if your spot is not locating in the center of the city or close to the crewd.

such as hire a huge media screen broadcasting your advertising information all day long.

not like other advertising methods, portable printed signage for example a beach flag could be suitable and flexible for any kinds of outdoor advertising projects in Sweden. why?

1) it's low-cost and cost-effective

you do not have to invest such a huge budget in one advertising projects, beach flags are really low cost which means you could spread your LOGOs and Brands on the two road sides with miles long, by path of beach flags printed with your LOGOs and Brands

2) but with more effects in increasing your brand visibility

it's possible to employ a huge beach flags for example up to 5.5m assembled height with full printing for double sides - display all your information from every angle and every direction.

see in the street with hundreds of beach flags with vibrant and brillant printings people would be attractive efficiently by this tremendous advertising method.

even in dimy day in winter, with low visibility in the city, our beach flags which with brillant and vibrant printing colors, could be seen meters way. as dye sublimation printing to all colors, with outside a layer of shinning film as protection, could enhance the visibility of your LOGOs on the beach flags - with the help of huge surface of printing for your LOGOs.

3) stable and sturdy standing in the windy day.

can we use this beach flag in windy day in Sweden? of course, our flag poles are reinforced and made from 100% premium quality of fiberglass, withstanding a wind grade up to 6. 

in Sweden it' s rarely run into a day with wind grad up to 6 - in other word our beach flags could be assembled in all the territory of Sweden - even in Longyearbyen.

4) what kind of beach flags are we elaborating with?

in general beach flags are coming up with 4 types: feather flags, teardrop flags, rectangle flags, lantern flags, as well as feather flags and teardrop flags are ideal for all kinds of outdoor events.

5) how to choose the right flag base / holder for assembling a beach flags in Sweden.

which depend on the condition of where your advertising project takes place.

for example if you're planning a advertising project in the center of the city, where there would be ceramic or cement ground. cross stand with water weight bag could be suggested.

once your advertising project would be moved to the countryside where with tender ground condition, long-stem ground stake could be adopted there.


are these information clear enought for our clients? there is an example about our beach flags designed for clients in Sweden, with decade of experience on designing and manufacturing beach flags for Sweden.

our experience and innovation in portable advertising signage, could effeciently help our clients to display their information to the public.

beach flags Sweden

photo shows our beach flags designed and used in Sweden, which prove that flags are perfect enought and could be used in extrem cold area.